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One of the biggest challenges I face in restaurants is the lack of understanding by employees on what Gluten is and what foods contain gluten.  How can we expect anyone to help us navigate the menu if they don't even know what they are looking for?

In many instances I have had helpful waiter staff bring me ingredient lists and make suggestions.  On many more occasions I get the eye roll and sigh I know too well..."oh great a food diva."

What people need to understand is that people suffering with Celiac Disease don't really have a choice.  I mean it's not like I'm a vegan eating at a steak house and demanding they don't serve beef.  All I am asking for is simple information on their food preparation or if all else fails a piece of chicken or fish sautéed in some oil or butter with a bit of salt and pepper - how hard is that?

I lost count of the times I have wanted to direct the helpless waiter getting crap from the harried chef who didn't care or the manager who chose arrogance over admitting ignorance to a website where they can get some basic information to possibly help the next person who comes in their establishment asking the same questions.

I tried to keep it simple.  I've been a waiter.  I get it.  Trust me. 

As for the Restaurant reviews.  I'm telling it like it is, good or bad.  I challenge you to make them all good in the future!