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Many Gluten Free specific brands are appearing in grocery stores nationwide.  Whole Foods, Sprouts, Krogers and Wegman's now carry a lot of the GF specific manufacturers.  Many smaller chains are also starting to stock up.  The better news is, most of the GF specific brands can be ordered on line - a necessity for people who don't live near a larger city and the bigger chains.  I'll keep updating as I find good products!

Udi's has the best bread hands down. It tastes the closest to your old familiar commercial brand bread and it doesn't need to be toasted to be good.  A great sandwich bread I can't get enough of it.  Light and fluffy it doesn't carry the density of other GF brands (a secret I'd love to discover!)  They also make great pizza shells, muffins and rolls.  All of it is amazing!  They are coming out with granola in the fall.

Kinnikinnick is a close second to Udi's in breads and beats them in some areas like donuts.  Yep, I said donuts.  Chocolate covered and Cinnamon in your freezer section.  The good news is they are going nationwide with Kroger so you'll be able to find them in your neighborhood store.  Their buns rolls and bread are also great so you can eat like you used to - but without the pain!