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The Practical Celiac
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Quick tips you may not have heard
  • You can not outgrow Celiac disease
  • blood tests and biopsies often do not clearly define the disease and  may register a "false" negative for sprue
  • gluten proteins travel and adhere to non gluten foods when in the same space (read, you can't eat the burger if it has touched the bun)
  • Related illnesses to Celiac are other autoimmune illnesses like type 1 diabetes, liver disease, cancer and infertility
  • Some Celiacs are non symptomatic and do not have outward adverse affects to gluten which further inhibits the diagnosis
  • There is gluten or wheat in surprising foods - soy sauce contains wheat
  • Vodka and liquor with a wheat base that is distilled is gluten free (thank goodness!)
  • Wine is fine, beer is not - sorry keggers!
  • Non gluten foods fried in oil that also fries gluten foods (breaded products) contaminates the non gluten foods and they are no longer gluten free (check your fries!)