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About Me

I  grew up in Scranton Pennsylvania in a home where the idea of a balanced meal included white bread and brownies.  Surviving an East Coast upbringing I made my way West to California supporting myself as both an event planner and fitness instructor.  I was lucky enough to appear in several television shows before realizing food (and my self esteem) meant more to me than an under 5 on network television. Transitioning into the fitness industry full time I was happy with my curves and seemingly healthy wheat eating lifestyle until the aches and pains of autoimmune illness caught up to me. ACE certified and both a fitness instructor and personal trainer I thought I was moving in the right and healthy direction consuming wheat and grain based products on a daily basis!

It took years and many misdiagnoses before finding out I had Celiac Disease.  Now working in the experiential space I produce industrial design.  Diagnosed with Celiac proved a turning point for me since my work demands travel, eating in commercial restaurants and no time to cook (who am I kidding I didn’t cook anyway!)

My mission now is to live a practical and gluten free life.  Unable and unwilling to become that person who isn’t out in the real world I have had to find another way. Along the way have found many like me who can’t grind their own (gluten free) flower and cook all their meals at home.  The goal now - striving to bring the nuances of Celiac Disease to the masses and educate in both the public and private sector with a dose of humor and an honest, current look at what is out there today.