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Fast Food

Many more fast food restaurants are offering gluten free options, which is good for people who travel.  Keep in mind that what is billed as "gluten free" does not mean that it is safe from cross contamination.  You have to decide what you can and can not handle.

Carl's Jr.
Carl's Jr. is currently offering coupons for their Gluten free style burgers. Be wary of their claim that the French Fries are gluten free.  I have contacted their headquarters for confirmation that the fries are cooked separate from breaded products but they have not confirmed that and there is nothing on the website to suggest they do.  Further investigation lists their regular fries contain Dextrin which although most commonly made from corn can be made from wheat.  Since their is no labeling to distinguish the ingredients I would be highly suspect.  That coupled with the fact that their criss cut fries contain wheat per their labeling means that the oil is contaminated even if they cook the fries separately.  I personally wouldn't chance it.

Call 1-800-23LATTE to find out about your favorite drink.  The website is hard to navigate to find the FAQ's that list that number.  I found their representatives friendly and helpful.  Starbucks has added a line of healthy snacks along with many gluten free items including delicious Lucy's chocolate chip cookies (also milk, egg, peanut and tree nut free), along with a host of other items sans gluten!  Each store can carry different varieties so if you don't see them at your Starbucks make the request!

This is not a pretty picture.  McDonald's is not wheat free for most products and hard to navigate.  Even their fry oil contains wheat.  All of their chicken products (including grilled) contain wheat, an area that most people might consider safe.  You can check out the nutritional information on the website - it is pretty bleak for anything wheat free.

In and Out Burger
This place is a mecca for a fast food fix.  They only serve French Fries fried in vegetable oil so their is no cross contamination from onion rings.  Order a burger in a lettuce wrap (a specialty of theirs so they do it right) and you are good to go.  Check out the website for nutritional information. It is loaded with helpful info.

Taco Bell
Every single item on the Taco Bell menu contains wheat with the exception of these three items; pintos & cheese, mexican rice, tostada.  You'd have to be desperate to eat here because I will bet those three items are cross contaminated.  Just saying...

Del Taco
Hard to believe in this day and age that there is not one bit of information on allergens or allergy sensitivities on the Del Taco website.  Nothing.  Makes me recommend you stay away.  I will update on any progress I get from phone calls and e mails to the company but so far no response.