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Recommended websites

Celiac Disease Foundation Typically the first place your doctor will tell you to go once you've been diagnosed.  This was my first stop too.  I find it helpful and informative.

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness A good place to research symptoms and get access to medical information.

Celiac Sprue Association A bevy of great information on conditions and symptoms as well as a kids site and lifestyle sections.

Celiac.com Another website with an abundance of information.  I find it a bit overwhelming at first but just breathe and poke around for a while and you will find lots of helpful information.

gfco.org This is the Gluten Free Certification Organization.  It has a search and drop down list that is good if you know what your are looking for or want to double check a certified product.

Celiac Chicks This is a great website if you are in NY or the surrounding area.  I found it difficult to navigate at times but I am impatient!  It has a lot of great information and they have a long history of providing gluten free information.