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Your Grocery Store

Boar's Head :
All Boar's Head meats, cheeses and condiments are gluten free.  Your grocer can verify since Boar's head has sent counter top signage that can be displayed at the deli counter to all its carriers.

General Mills
General Mills now has 5 flavors of its Chex flavors that are gluten free.  Honey Nut Chex, Rice Chex, Corn Chex, Chocolate Chex, and Strawberry Chex.  Make sure the box says GLUTEN FREE on the front.  Some grocery stores still have the older stock that isn't gluten free since the old cereals used to contain Malt.  Malt is NOT gluten free (no more freebies from the candy bin, sorry).  I haven't found the Honey Nut or Strawberry Chex in my West coast stores yet, but they do carry them in the East coast so I've had them shipped out.  They are delicious and perfect for snacking when you just want some crunch!

Betty Crocker
Chocolate chip cookie mix that is great out of the oven.  After a day or two they are a bit dry (like most gluten free) but if you have to bring cookies to the party I swear no one will know the difference if you bake em and go.  They also have a brownie mix and a cake mix but I haven't tried those yet.  I have heard they are good though, so let me know!

Amy's makes both gluten free and gluten products but they are well marked and from everything I've heard they are very careful about cross contamination.  Their enchiladas are out of this world good and more and more commercial grocery stores are carrying their products. Check out their website for information that will ease your mind about the integrity of their products.

Simply Asia:
The link above will take you to the allergy page.  They have a wide variety of microwaveable foods that are great for lunches.  My favorite is the Thai Kitchen noodles.  I just add a little pre-cooked chicken - Kroger diced grilled chicken breast is my favorite because it doesn't even have the ever controversial carmel coloring in it and it is frozen but fully cooked so if you microwave it for a minute and mix it in it is a great well balanced lunch.

Food should taste good:
The most amazing selection of multi-grain products that are certified gluten free and delicious.  They are carried in most regular grocery stores in the chip and cracker aisle. They have some great recipes that are gluten free (or easily modified) on their website as well as a store locater by zip code to tell you which stores carry the product. Finally something I think can stand up to cheese!  They also carry them in Costco - a win-win.  Affordable gluten free.

Thai Kitchen
The link is directly to the allergy page so you can see the list of gluten free products.  Not all the labels are marked gluten free but the website is correct and up to date.  The products are great for cooking as well as a hearty variety of pre packaged foods.