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I've spent a significant portion of my life defining who I am. I believe people are only defined by limitations when they allow themselves to be limited.  I am the same person I was before becoming a celiac and will not allow celiac to define me.

When I found out I had Celiac Disease the first call I made was to Starbucks.  I needed a Chai tea latte and my favorite comfort food, a pumpkin scone.   I knew the scone was now outlawed but what about the Chai Latte?  How was I supposed to survive my world of eating on the go and jumping on a plane for work 2 or 3 times a month? 

 I hopped on the internet pronto and was surprised to find that I was more or less alone.  The information I found was sparse and generic.  There were websites and foundations but it seemed that the people on them cooked their own food and shopped in vegan, organic stores that I couldn't find while working out of a hotel in the Midwest. Not one to be easily defeated (and I don't like being hungry) I figured there had to be a way to keep my sense of humor and survive in this world…

 The information on these pages is just my personal experience.  I have no authority to tell you what to do or suggest you live as I do. You should know this is trial and error. Gluten free living is relatively new to the masses. You have to do what is right for you as you maneuver your way around your life and eating habits.  For some it is grinding your own grain and having a garden in your backyard – me I need a different path - I tossed my earth shoes and tie dye away in the seventh grade.  I’ll admit I occasionally wear yoga pants or a hemp tunic but it is only because I don’t iron and everything in my closet is wrinkled. Sure I even bake occasionally but that  is because I refuse to believe I'll never be able to have a gluten free brownie that tastes as good as Mrs. Fields. (So far not even close!)

 Inside these pages is all the information I have gathered – with more coming daily as I navigate my way around the ins and outs of living in the real world.  Check out the restaurant section for the great, the good, the bad and the ugly side to dining.  There is a place for restaurant owners too – where waiters and chefs can get a bit of education on how to deal with people from a place of knowledge and helpfulness.  On my Blog I will chronicle my experiences in an honest, no holds barred kind of way.  I hope it helps you find what you need.

Feel free to contact me.  If I can find an answer for you I will.  Enjoy.

PS.  The Chai Tea Latte is gluten free. To find out more info go to my Commercial Foods page under Fast Food.

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